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*lol* Larry. I expect if Roger asked her cook something on it and serve it to him, she'd hit him with it. And I doubt anyone has used the Rosewater Dish to serve food.

I remember the first time Venus won it, she said "it's way cooler than the men's trophy."

But like all else at Wimbly, both trophy's have a history. And the ladies' trophy is older than the men's:

Championship trophies

Men's singles

The Gentlemen's Singles trophy was presented in the All England Club in 1887 and is a silver gilt cup and cover. The cup has a classical look to it, with two handles and a raised foot. A head with a winged helmet is under each handle. It stands 18 1/2 inches high and has a diameter of 7 1/2 inches.

Ladies' singles

Instead of a cup, the winner of the women's singles title receives a silver plate, which is often called the Rosewater Dish. The trophy, which was made in 1864, is a copy of an electrotype from a pewter plate currently in the Louvre.

The plate, which measures 18 3/4 inches in diameter, features a mythological theme.

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