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Liam, I'm sure you could. But I have a feeling my husband was just kidding re spending more time at tournaments. I have to drag him there as it is. But this does add an incentive.

As for Maria, she's a gorgeous gal, and I thought she could look way more glam in the photos. I've seen much better photos of her. And she does have legs that go on forever -- I noticed that at IW. I don't make a habit of looking for those things -- but it's hard to ignore.

But as I said above, maybe the idea is not to portray her as a glam-type, but rather as a natural-looking, very attractive athlete, in high heels and a cute dress.

So on second thought, the look may be just right. If she came out looking like a movie star (which she could), well, the comparisons with Anna would start again. And there really is no comparison.
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