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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
Watched Petkovic from the first row on an outside court at Wimbledon this evening (mixed doubles w/ Lopez vs B Bryan and Huber). Imo contrary to assertions that she looks like a horse faced man, in the flesh she is actually quite feminine and attractive with her sun bleached hair, tan and nice smile.

Definitely looks better in person than in most pics I've seen.
I think also - I was strolling through her Wimbledon pictures earlier and thought that she's not totally photogenic anyways that pictures do not always do her favors but she's very cute and attractive.

Of 20 pics you might find 3 or 5 that are awesome about her contrary to Julia, Sabine or even Maria Kirilenko.

She's definitively one of these girls that are better on in person than on photos - something similar to Victoria Azarenka IMO.
"Dans les jeunes femmes, la beauté supplée à l'esprit. Dans les vieilles, l'esprit supplée à la beauté."
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