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Default DQ'd player impacts state championship...

Played in a 4.0 state tournament two weeks ago where the winning team had a player get disqualified following the event. I assume he was self-rated and received his "third strike" during the tourney, though I don't know this for sure. The player is simply listed as DQ'd on the state association's web site, but his team's match results haven't changed.
The player in question went 11-1 during the season and 4-1 during the state tournament, so the disqualification appears legitimate.
I'm curious as to what will happen and what people think should happen in determining a champion.
If losses counted in all his matches, which I assume they will, his team would have lost several league matches and failed to advance to the state tournament. At the states, his team would still have won its pool despite his two victories turning to losses. However, he won his individual matches in the semi-finals and finals. His team won the semi's 3-2 and the finals 4-1.
So, does the team in question simply advance to the sectionals without the disqualified player? Does the runner-up advance even if they would not have won the title match with help from the disqualification match?
Does the semi-final team that beats the champ with the disqualification match have a valid claim to the championship?
However odd it may seem, should the semi-final team and the runner-up schedule a new championship contest?
I tried contacting the state tennis association for details on how this would be resolved, but haven't received a response.
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