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By the way, I had a friend that was on a team that won their state playoff 3-2. The matches were tied at 2-2, and their #1 singles player won 13-11 in the third set tiebreaker after saving 4 match points. The team celebrated, everybody got the trophies for winning, and they started making plans for Sectionals. However, one week later, they were notified that their singles player had gotten his third strike in that final match, and that their entire team win had been reversed! That was very hard to take, especially when the two singles players were obviously so competitively matched.
This shows the silliness of the system. It was not possible for your friend's team to win if it came down to that match. If he wins, even closely, he is DQ'ed and the team loses. If he loses, the team of course loses.
The only possibility of the team winning would be to throw the match badly and hope it would be a third strike against the opponent. The opponent would be DQed and your friend's team would win.

A sorry Catch-22.
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