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Default Calf strain--I got hit

It always happens to someone else, then it happens to you. The one time I forgot to stretch before and voila--calf strain.

Yes, felt like a tennis ball hitting the back of my calf. No tennis ball in sight.

Doc says one month until tennis again. That's fortunate, could have been 3 mos. Or an Achilles tear that needed surgery. On crutches now--which are a pain--and can only put a little weight on my foot after 3 days. Really hating stairs.

Did Ice and elevation 24 hrs after but in retrospect should have not gone to work at all the next day and rested and iced the thing. No swelling or bruising so far, but damn, when muscle fibers strain or tear it's still not fun. Have a nice prescription-strength painkiller, but liquor is better,

Gonna try some Capsacin and heat and gentle stretching in a few days. Thinking about prevention in the future.
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