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Originally Posted by Z-Man View Post
In Georgia, the matches stand but you can't advance to sectionals. Last year they went nuts with the DQs and booted players off of the winning and runner up teams at most levels. A few years ago they had verifiers walking around who could hand out DQs on the spot. This was silly because the verifiers had now way of telling who was really good and who wasn't.

It's all very unfair because at sectionals and nationals the states that are aggressive with DQs have no chance.
That just means that the USTA should expect that everyone is aggressive EVERYWHERE, instead of letting all of these State Tennis Associations make up their own criteria.

I wonder if certain states even bother to run the DQ program during the season, and I know of at least one case where a state coordinator told some captain that a player had a 2nd strike even though that's not allowed.

I can see where you might like to build a team and want to advance year after year after year, or even if it's just for one year you want to go far.

But in some areas the league actually enables this, and they really need to just follow the rules and be consistant when handling these things. (but instead in some cases they get involved, they love it when some captain makes some sort of "SuperTeam" or "All Star Team" and they bend over backwards to help them because they feel they get brownie points then and they claim all of the other states are cheating as well...
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