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I believe the player who made the original post (as well as Jack the Hack who responded) are referring to the NC state championships. I, too, played at Pinehurst in the same District tournament a few weeks ago and have been following this storyline since. Seriously, though, I don't think there is a perfect way to handle this other than what the state people did---which was to DQ the player and let the team advance to Sectionals without him playing. No other solution is fair to all involved. You clearly can't go back and replay local league matches, even though they would not have won their league without his wins. This is just one of the no-win scenarios you occasionally get when players rate themselves and get DQ'ed. The officials run matches through the USTA computer after the tournament and take the appropriate actions and I don't know what else you could do. I captained a team that actually played in the same pool this team (the eventual 4.0 District winner) advanced out of and our #1 singles player lost to him 6-2, 6-4. After the DQ, match results were reversed and our player got the win, though it made no tangible overall difference. We were 3-1 in our pool, losing only to that team. If that player's matches were reversed all the way back through local league (and they were), and you had to refigure the effects, they would not have won their league. Had that happened, we would have faced a different team at district instead. Maybe we would have beaten another team and advanced to the finals round and won the championship ourselves. Who knows? But there is no way to reasonably untangle something like this and be fair to everyone who had a complaint along the way. A few years ago I played on a 4.0 men's team that was runner-up in the District tournament to a team from Winston-Salem, NC. That team beat us in the final and then, after Districts, had 3 players DQ'ed from further 4.0 play. Did we feel somehow cheated? Yeah, probably---and in one respect we were, but so was every other team that might have been there had these players been taken out of the equation from the beginning. No way to fix that for other teams after the fact. You can't un-ring the bell. The problem has always been here because the USTA has not found a perfect way to keep out the ringers---those players without a USTA rating who are clearly and knowingly rating themselves well below their correct playing level to help a team win. There probably ISN'T a perfect way to catch them. It is unfair and it is unethical and it is wrong. And it is virtually unstoppable, at least entirely. Every few years the USTA tries to change or tweak the rules to better correct this. And every time, all those captains who have done this a while examine the new rules and figure out how best to circumvent them to get and use "ringers" on their way to a local league or district or sectional or national championship. There are a multitude of ways to do it and every year some captains do. I mean, if nothing else, you simply round up a half dozen true "ringers" to complement the other 9 true-level players you have, and you use all of them twice each in local league to qualify them for the next level. You spread them around and even have them sandbag when a match win is already locked up. You get to the end of the season undefeated and move on to districts where you repeat the process. Maybe you will eventually have some DQ'ed along the way to nationals, but you still get there, likely with some still intact. Maybe at year's end you lose them all, so next year you simply reload with 6 new young studs/hired guns and make another run at it. And for those who think I'm making this up, I have seen this done over and over in larger cities where captains have access to a large talent pool. The USTA does the best it can to police it and regulate against it and DQ the wrongdoers, but honestly, this happens in all walks of life. Tax attorneys make huge dollars to look at the tax code and find every possible means to help their clients avoid paying any taxes---even when they should rightfully pay them. Criminal defense attorneys get paid to get their clients set free---regardless of their guilt. I hate it in our legal system and I hate it is taxes and I hate it in tennis. But the fact is that we will probably always have some captains and players who worship winning AT ANY COST and rules be damned. That's just the way it is.
Yeah its kinda like the nuclear arms race.. If you dont load up your dead!! if you nuke someone else is that ethical?

NO SELF RATED PLAYER SHOULD BE ABLE TO WIN 1 MATCH AT SECTIONALS: If you can you self rated to low and should get an auto DQ and maybe a 1 year ban lol

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