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Default Optimum Racquet Balance for Performance II - MgR/I Data for ATP Pros

..............Fig.1 .............................. Fig. 2. ........................... Fig. 3 .............

............Fig. 4. ...............

In summary, these data show that ATP players with both optimized racquet MgR/I value and high swingweight have significantly superior rankings compared to other players.

The raw data comes from a combined list of 99 Top-200 ATP pros whose racquet specs were posted either on Greg Raven's website, or by Jura in his 2005 Pro Racquet Specs post.
Swingweights for the players on Jura's list were approximated from M, R, and L using Rod Cross's 2-segment beam method.

Fig. 1 compares Performance vs MgR/I value for the 36 players on the list with swingweights in the 350-370 range. Of those 36 players, 25 had MgR/I less than 20.7, 10 were in the 20.7-21.1 range, and 1 was over 21.1. Statistically, the players in the 20.7-21.1 group have significantly superior rankings to those with lower MgR/I values.

Fig. 2 shows that ATP player racquet specs are clustered around the apparent optimal MgR/I range of about 20.9, while WTA player distribution is shifted toward a higher apparent optimum of about 21.1.

Fig. 3 shows that for the 53 ATP players on the list within the 'optimum' 20.7-21.1 MgR/I range, players with higher swingweights have superior rankings -- a very statistically significant result!

Fig. 4 shows that both ATP player and WTA player rankings correlate positively with increasing Effective Mass. For both men and women, Effective Mass of >160g (calculated 12cm from tip) seems to be key to performance. Note that Effective Mass is different than Swingweight, because an extended length racquet might have a high swingweight, but still have little mass in the racquethead. It also shows that players near the optimum MgR/I range benefit most from high effective mass.


For instructions for tuning your frame to find your personal optimum value for MgR/I, see second post of this thread.

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