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Originally Posted by JLyon View Post
I would agree, but all this would do would give them incentive to tank to stay at level or even drop a level.
One way to stop the tanking would be for a league to use total individual match wins versus team victories, this way every line would count and tanking would then really hurt a team.
i disagree there would be a few, but a 2 year process to try to make a run 1 year then if you dont win state or sectionals you have to go through a 2 year process again i think it would cut it out drastically..

you might argue that a new player should have the right to compete at state but they shouldn't be able to win a sectional match if they do they rated to high it would encourage people to rate right.. the only problem would be a true beginners league not a 3.5 self rated 2.5... true beginners should be able to compete at sectionals but not a self rate 3.5 or higher that rolls people..
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