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Default Poll: Handleweight and Swingspeed

EDIT: Please vote in the poll after reading OP but before reading further down in the thread. It's best if the poll reflects your personal experience, not the experiences of others. Thanks.

The limited research on racquet specs and swingspeed shows that racquet swingweight is directly related to swingspeed - the higher the swingweight the lower the maximum swingspeed. But that research also shows that static weight has very little effect. Is this your experience?

Consider two racquets with the same swingweight but different static weights:

Swingweight: 320
Static weight: 12 ounces
Balance: 32 cm (7 HL)

Swingweight: 320
Static weight: 11 ounces
Balance 34 cm (1 HL)

Racquet A is essentially Racquet B with one ounce removed from the center of the handle. This means that B will also be much less headlight.

Note: This is very different from racquets with the same swingweight and static weight, but very different balance points.

Does Racquet B swing faster than Racquet A, in your experience?

The limited lab data suggests it does not, but what do you think?

Please only vote in the poll if you've actually played with frames similar to those above: frames with the same swingweight but very different static weights. Whether the swingweights are 320 or some other number isn't important for this comparison, only that they had about the same swingweight but significantly different static weights.

Feel free to post the racquet models and/or specs of the racquets you've compared!

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