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Talking "Senior" racquet talk

Just wondering - now that i am a senior - man - i hate getting old.
but anyway - i have found that i love going back to my older racquets.
now that i have passed the 60 year mark - been playing since 1967 when we played with the old wooden racquets - they must have weighted at least 14 or 15 oz back then.
i went to the wilson T-2000 and T-3000 then back to wood again.
stopped playing for several years and then came back to a mid size head racquet then on a wilson hyper hammer. that thing weighted all of 9.6 oz - my arm has never fully recovered.
now back the prince, fischer and wilson heavier more flexable racquets.
love them.
how about other senior players. what has been your racquet journey and have you came back to the classics as well????
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