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I started out with a Spalding Goncho Gonzales wooden model.
Then went to a Bancroft Borg model- still wooden.
PK Bronze Dominator- played with it 12 years
Volkl V1 - played with it about 6 months
Volkl C10 Pro Tour - still using it off and on
Technifibre VO 2 Max XL- using this off and on
Kneissl Tom's Machine- ( green version) using it off and on

The last three mentioned are the ones I carry with me when I play. I bring two of each to the courts.

I consider the C10 Pro Tour more of a classic weighted racquet. I have mine wighted up to 13.6 oz, the Technifibre at 13.5 oz and the Kneissl at 12.5 oz. To me they have that old school feel to them.

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