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michael valek
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hi - depends what you mean by senior i guess, but i'm about to turn 40 so thats senior to me. started out in about 1983 tennis wise:
max200g (amazing)
puma becker super (amazing)
fischer stan smith superform (ridicluous idea)
volkl world cups (yellow)
slazenger panther pro ceramic (best results ever aged 17 / 18 with these)
volkl some others cant remember
yonex widebody things, yellowy white colour, both cracked, rubbish
dunlop revelation pro 90s (loved these)
prince synergy 24? (crap)
head prestige (not bad)
head i prestige (as above)
babolat pure drive (almost gave them away)
volkl c10 pro (armache after these)
wilson ps 6.0 (good for a set or so then got tricky)
estusa / puma again
POG )also v good)
dunlop AG 200 etc (average)
back to max 200g (joy)
now firmly Kneissl white star to stay. although i have of course started recollecting everything again
faves? max 200g, puma becker pros and kneissl white stars. until i started with the white stars i was scornful of the new stuff, and was happy with the max 200g. i cant believe i used to haul those around aged 13 / 14 / 15.

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