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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Look at the PopeJoel's signature!
haha, totally missed that !
Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
Dude bra I'm in Montreal inside some insane strip club called Le Super Sex.

I can barely type, gimme a link, wtf is KB up to now.

Omfg these Montreal women are fuchen incredulous.

Can I move here daddy?
I actually read your earlier post criticising yourself and got worked up and was about to pen an angry reply, and then saw the poster was yourself ! Quite a funny moment.

I am not too sure I approve of your current location and activities, Joel. Many people have squandered their immense talents courtesy wine and women Practice abstinence like Nadal.
"He is much like Federer, only slightly heavier." -- StringerTom on suresh. "He is much like suresh, only slightly lighter" - vanioman on Federer.
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