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Originally Posted by Benhur View Post
As for 1983, Wilander finished the year ranked 4, so it's hard to see him as co-number 1 for the year.

The ranking systems in the 80s, though not exactly the same as today, were pretty reasonable, or so it appeared to those of us who followed tennis at the time, and especially to those who devised those systems at the time, who should kindly be allowed to be the main judges of their time. Happily dismissing such systems now by assuming that our sense of fairness and measurement is so superior to theirs is a dangerous conceit.
Originally Posted by David_86 View Post
1983 I might give to Wilander. He did have a 3-0 record against McEnroe that year, more tournament wins, fewer losses, performed better at 3 of the 4 major touraments, a better Davis Cup record. Are you including the Masters played in January 84 as part of your argument? I tend to include it in 1984 since that's when it's played even though the Masters is supposed to be the season ending event.
1983 is a tough call.
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