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Originally Posted by ben123 View Post
i didnt only say string pattern. i said head size string pattern and string gauge.
if u keep them equal theres not a huge difference between most frames at all
but even this isnt true. even similar headsizes and string patterns dont always yield the same results. I've hit with the Redondo MP and currently use the MG Radical MP, both are 18x20 and 98" heads, but the Redondo feels much denser, and gives much less spin. at first glance, it has the denser string spacing in the sweetspot, as well. So I also agree with the OP, and it has been my experience as well.

The spinniest frame I've ever used was the BLX90, which has a very evenly distributed 16x19 frame. It's almost as open in the sweetspot as a 16x19 POGOS.
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