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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
An excellent way to develop a line of rackets, IMO. Back in the '70s through '90s, quite a few companies took advantage of this techinque...allowing some interchangeability of bumpers/grommets, etc. Head, Wimbledon, Wilson, Chris and others had a 'progression' of materials, stiffness, price throughout their lines while using the same mold for the various layups. It was very common when a brand wanted to offer SMUs to large retailers...same mold, different cosmetics and sometimes, different compositions. Brilliant in its simplicity.

Here's just an intro on S2 fiberglass:

"S-2 GlassŪ Fiber Family of products offer a combination of six vital enhanced properties critical for your demanding applications. Compared to conventional glass fiber, the ehnanced properties of S-2 GlassŪ fibers result in better weight performance, and when compared to aramid and carbon, they deliver better cost performance."

There's an eighteen page brochure...IF you are trying to fall asleep!
Thanks, coach - very useful - I've often wondered about S2.
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