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I've revised the OP and added the MgR/I distribution for the ladies!

I finally got around to counting strings on string patterns for all the women on Jura's list so that I could convert to strung specs. Then I used 2-segment beam method to approximate swingweights and merged it with Greg Raven's list.

In summary, as I expected, the WTA players cluster at a higher MgR/I value than the men -- shifted up to about 21.1, while the men are at about 20.9.
This was expected because the women are shorter with shorter arms and faster natural swing frequencies.

I haven't posted the chart yet, but I also found that the women with MgR/I within the optimized 20.9-20.3 range and SW > 340 have superior rankings on average. So the women show essentially the same result as the men!
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