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Jim A
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doubt you will be ready to really plan on it in a week's time.

However if you aren't consistently taking things like Advil right off the bat you are way behind the curve. When I first sprain the ankle I'm taking 4 every 8 hours or so for the first day. Not the best thing but its short term.

Lots of water, stay hydrated and ice the hell out of it. Typically keep it elevated (which means above the heart not just in the air). I was doing 15min on/5 min off, had my foot in a zip loc bag and just was surround it with bags of ice

Also had a really old foot massager that just vibrated like hell and once I got through the first couple days, would to that for 10min on and 5min off and just put my heel on it . It seemed to really get all the swelling out and once I could get my foot into my hockey skate, was good to go. Of course when I even sneeze the wrong way nowadays I run the risk of spraining it since I rushed back too many times in the past
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