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Originally Posted by forthegame View Post
TBH, S&V on EVERY point has to be boring, no? Not sure if I want this sort of tennis to reign again. I like players who can add variety to their game. Baseline, S&V, net approaches etc. I enjoyed this clip but it became rather monotonous after a while.
I like this match a lot but I agree with you to a certain extent. I actually always preferred watching two attacking players on hardcourt. Many of them were more likely to stay back on their second serves more often and there were some great all court Tennis as a result. Players like Sampras, Becker, Henman and Phillippoussis did that a lot. Players like Krajicek, Edberg and Rafter served and volleyed more on the second serve on hardcourts during their peak, although they would stay back from time to time as well. All of these players had baseline games whereas in the 2000s many serve and volleyers had no baseline game and weren't that good at returning - Taylor Dent, Wesley Moody, Max Myrni, Micheal Llodra, Ivo Karlovic, it became the domain of the journeyman.

I uploaded Sampras v Becker from the 1994 Italian Open two months ago, look at their different approach to the game compared to grass where they served and volleyed on everything.
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