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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
It is slower. I read that the grass was blended with a variety that has more tolerance for being cut very short. The shorter the grass is cut, the less of the waxy blades of the grass there is for the ball to skid off of. Wimbledon has always been a bit different from other grass courts due to the hard compacting of the substrate making the bounce higher than on other grass courts. Now, it is also slower than other grass courts due to the shorter cut of the grass. I would guess that it now plays similar to painted cement which was the prevailing hardcourt before they started adding an aggregate in the paint.
We know that the process began in 1995 as it was well documented then as it it is now. Sampras said in his book that the grass had changed but the same players were still getting to the latter stages of Wimbledon during that period.

Pat Cash in 1999 through 2001 period often described the grass as hard and high bouncing (on BBC commentary), favouring players with big kick serves and allowed a lot of rallying as well.
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