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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
You know if Fed switched to wood, he'd be so good he'd "obviously" win another French Open--then he'd be tied with Laver . . . but behind Wilander.
The thing is we all have seen Federer's backhand return with the current racquets, I'm curious how his backhand would be with a tiny wood racquet.

Some of us make assumptions that players of the past wouldn't do well now and no one can prove anyone wrong because we don't have a magical time machine.

However the reverse is of course true, can players today, with their swing patterns and skills adjust to wood in the 1960's and 1970's? The heavy topspin they hit now wouldn't be possible unless you're Bjorn Borg or maybe Rod Laver.

How would Federer adjust to players serving and volleying and concentrating on his backhand? He would have to change his style. I think he would adjust and do well but we have no proof that he would be great. My opinion is that he would be excellent but you wouldn't recognize his style compared to today's Federer.
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