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While all this is very interesting and the stats are compelling, did we learn anything really new i.e. different from what intuition and club hacker, honest, experience would have told us?

Lets assume that lower ranked players tried to use rackets with specs of higher ranked players. Would it improved their performance/ranking?

I doubt it. They would not be able to handle succesfully (i.e. winning more matches) the heavier, more demanding sticks.

I am a declining NTRP 4.0 level and while I tried to play with ProStaff 85, PB10 325. Rebel Eox, Diablo Mid etc, I had to admit that the only "shop pro level rackets" I can play with are Prestige Pro and MP YT.

Why? Because they have a very low swingweight.

The top guys would still dominate when using lower ranked guys racket specs, but they just get an extra edge by using more demanding tools.

I used to be a ski instructor and while I can just about ski on female light racers WC skis, I would break my cruciate very quickly if I tried WC level guys planks.

Tennis is less dangerous, but similar rules apply to equipment, I think.

btw the heaviest swinging racket (felt like 340+ swingweight) I ever tried was a demo Volkl PB10 325 stick from UK shop, which is somehow listed as having 320 swingweight on TW website. It was not visibly leaded up (I removed the grip to check) but unplayable in match condition for someone of my level.

How much lead do I need to add to my Prestige Pro to experience swingweight of 370
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