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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
The YEC is still below the slam event b/c you must win 7 matches and it's a 5 setters. YEC only 8 players and I know what you are trying to say. But the 8 players that are selected is base on their performance throughout the year. Which means the best players in the world competiting.

I don't know about the 1975 AO. Did all the best players in the world competiting? Or were some just didn't take it seriously?
The WCT for years was considered one of the elite events and clearly in 1975 it was more prestigious than the Australian. For all intents and purposes it was really a major.

The Masters for much of the 1970's was also an elite event that the top players didn't want to skip.

My point is that size of the draw doesn't not necessarily equal prestige.
Here's a video of the 1975 WCT and notice at around the 4:30 mark Heston says the WCT Championship is this years first major. It had great prestige at the time.

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