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Originally Posted by TaihtDuhShaat View Post
I have compared the same 18x20 medium flex 95" setup as 1) 358 g, 32.45 cm, 370sw, and 2) 375 g, 31.7 cm, 370 sw

1) served with more velocity, had less depth control on volleys, generated less spin, and was less arm friendly.

2) was the opposite. It had slightly slower, spinnier serves, better depth control on volleys, generated more spin in every department, and was more arm friendly.

The slightly slower serves were worth the tradeoff to me as all other areas of the racquet's performance improved.
This is all as expected. But all of your observations are due to impact dynamics (as distinct from swing dynamics).

(2) is more polarized than (1), with lower ACOR (which correlates with serve speed) and higher recoil weight (which correlates with depth control on volleys). The fact that the impact point is farther from the balance point makes for longer dwell time, which makes it spinnier and more arm friendly.
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