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I hate these egghead discussions and 'lab data' threads because what goes on in the 'lab' isn't what goes on on the tennis court, and the biggest variable (the player) isn't part of the equation, and neither is the amount of confidence and feel which your equipment gives you. But I'm going to chip in anyway because I've spent the last few months tweaking and experimenting with the balance and weighting of four BLX 6.1 Teams, in the range of the specs in the original post. The aim was to try and achieve the feel of my BLX 6.1 95s but improve the manouverability and whippiness. Obviously, I could have tried to find a Japenese spec BLX 6.1 95 (which has specs almost bang in the middle of those two racquets) but hey.....

In short, Racquet B will definitely swing faster at the point of contact and allow you to hit a bigger, heavier, ball. Don't ask me to explain the science of it, but its definitely what happens on a tennis court. I'd guess probably because its head heavier, and results in a higher head speed and greater mass at the point of contact. The downside is that - all other factors being equal - the racquet will result in greater inconsistency than Racquet A. 1HL is grim.

Racquet A will offer you more control because you'll have more control over the speed of the racquet head and will be lower powered. It will be more your swing/racquet speed and length of your stroke that contributes to the control on the ball, rather than the moving mass of the head on contact with the ball. That said, the higher the level of technique, the less significant this probably becomes because with high level technique, the player's swing will be close to perfect more of the time.

I hit heavier forehands and serve bigger with with specs similar to Racquet B, but it doesn't suit my topspin 1HB as well. You really need high level technique to control the greater weight of that head with a 1HB, which people are obviously more likely to have on their FH than their 1BH. A racquet with 1HL is also going to feel like a pendulum, is less manouverable and is likely to result in more inconsistency.

Also, I don't think its possible to have the two alternate specs as suggested in the original thread, not with the same racquet anyway. If you a have a 320g SW, 7HL racquet, its highly doubtful that stripping mass from the handle to bring it to 1HL will result in the SW remaining at 320. In any event, both racquets will feel wildly different which is the most significant point to bear in mind.

Another point that this 'lab data' thread doesn't take into account is that its not just about specs. Where in the racquet the mass is distributed has a big effect on how the racquet feels, how it plays, and how much confidence it gives you. You could have two racquet with identical SW/static/BP specs but different mass distributions and they will feel very different.

Tennis based on lab stats. I don't think there's anything I loathe more.

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