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Originally Posted by TaihtDuhShaat View Post
Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. Just one question and sorry to derail:

How important is it to have a MR^2 > 380? I can't seem to find a spec on this frame that will get me over ~376 and without adding more lead to the 3/9 positions than i want to.
I don't think MR^2 > 380 is a requirement per se, but I believe that MR^2 > 380 naturally results when the critical specs of SW > 350 and MgR/I = ~21.0 are met (assuming you are about 6 feet tall and don't have a full western grip).

I think you'll find that if you carefully adjust your frame to have M = 380g, R = 31.75cm, and SW = 360, it will play quite nicely.
POG OS. 368 SW, 12.54" balance, 21.0 MgR/I.
Problend kevlar 16 / Prestretched SPPP 17, 72/50 lbs.

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