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Originally Posted by ben123 View Post
i dont want to be bad with u. i appreciate ur posts its very interesting.

but nadal doesnt use full western. he uses semiwestern.

and even if ferrers sw would be 350 his MgR/I would still only be 20,77. and like i said i could count lots of more pros with less than 21 MgR/I
According to Fig 2 of the OP, about 40% of all ATP pros have MgR/I in the 20.8-21.1 range (and more than 50% in the 20.7-21.1 range). But more than 50% are < 20.8.

My point is that the pros who are in the 20.7-21.1 range have, on average, better rankings, especially when considering only those with high swingweight.

It doesn't mean that there are not exceptions to the trend.
POG OS. 368 SW, 12.54" balance, 21.0 MgR/I.
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