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rudester, there have been numerous reports of the star 5's as well as sensor's overshooting tension by as much as 8 lbs. as others have noted, albert lee has addressed this issue on the boards a few times. here are a few posts:

Originally Posted by abllee2198 View Post
Q1: Is the string bed tighter on the Star 5 than the Star 3, if both are strong at the same identical tension?

With calibrated machines, the Star 5 strings tighter than the Star3. As mentioned in earlier messages, the Star 5 overshoots reference (read this as a mini prestretch) by +8 before returning to reference. This is measured with a Shimpo Lab Reference peak reading Force gauge.

The Star 3 does not overshoot reference.

Q2: My Star 3 seems to hold calibration very well. Is that true with the Star 5 as well?

Yes, both machines are very stable, though I recommend you check calibration if you move the machine. I also recommend you connect the machines' power cord to a Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS). Both machines have robust power supplies, but it is always easier to protect them than to replace them.

Originally Posted by abllee2198 View Post
DGdawg: Sorry you don't believe it, but it's a proven fact and something you, as the stringer, will have to deal with.

The Star 5 overshoots by 7-8 pounds on every pull. You need a peak reading force gauge to detect it. Get a $800 Shimpo Force gauge and you will see a consistent peak because the gauge makes and stores 1000 measurements per second.

It does make a difference, especially when you compare it to Baiardo and Yonex machines which are dead on reference with near zero overshoot.

This short peak overshoot results in a 4 point ERT difference in stringbed stiffness for the same reference tension.

Hope this helps.
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