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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Holy crap - I just did a spot check of all the pros from my subset from Greg Raven's list (where I have measured SW data).

Almost all of the top-10 guys who had low MgR/I values wear wrist bands. And all of the top-10 guys in the 'optimal' range don't wear them. The only guy in the optimal range near 21.0 on the list that does wear one is Hyung-taik Lee, and he was screwing up my perfectly separated result with his crummy ranking. So this might explain why!

I might need to recrunch my results - giving perhaps a 0.3 boost for the guys with wristbands. Curious to see how the numbers would turn out -- my guess it that it will clean up some of the noise.
Hmm - it looks like if I give a correction factor of about 0.3 for small wrist bands, and about 0.5 for large wrist bands, then almost every pro on Greg Raven's list comes out in a very narrow MgR/I range.
POG OS. 368 SW, 12.54" balance, 21.0 MgR/I.
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