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Originally Posted by Carsomyr View Post
Really? Didn't Nadal just get taken to five sets in the first round at the French? Federer taken to five sets in the first round of Wimbledon the previous year? Nadal taken to five in both the second and third rounds of the same tournament? And as the OP pointed out, Federer's five-setter in the third of the 2008 Australian Open? His five-setter in the fourth round during his 2009 French title run? Even in his peak year of 2006, getting taken to five by Haas again in the fourth round?
Some people don't watch tennis these days.

I've said it before...if there's more athletes and countries competing on the tour, it's natural to have more quality players players in the draw. Of all the 128 best players made the slam draw, you can bet there's many more talented players that were left out. And these left out players could have easily qualify to play the slam from the previous era.

Just think of it..the more players trying to improve and fighting for the spot on the tour, the more difficult for a tennis player to make a living on the tour.

I heard that the average career for an NBA player's only lasted < 5 yrs. Why is that? Too many players around the world competing for the position.
Thereís a lesson here for every tennis umpire: donít upset Rafael Nadal.
Especially if his shorts are on backward.
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