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Originally Posted by Tammo View Post
Federer isn't GOAT, he hasn't had enough grass.
So Sampras is the GOAT?

So what you're saying is someone could win 20 slams (5 of each) but someone else who won 10 of one slam and no others, or 8 of one slam and one each of the others, would be better than the guy with 9 or 10 more slams than him?

Is this the latest attempt to redifine GOATness because someone hopes Nadal might get 8 French Opens?

Either that or you rate winning Wimbledon the most amount of times so high that it outranks winning the most overall. In which case Federer is the second greatest and Nadal is a long way behind, with just 2.

Anyway, in regards to the question of the thread, grass is my pick. 2 quarterfinals in the last 2 years at Wimbledon, compared to a semi and a final at the US Open, semi and a win at the Australian Open, and a final and quarter at the French.
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