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Originally Posted by jakemcclain32 View Post
But I'm just saying that the guy has faced guys like Nadal and Hewitt, and made tons of errors. He's faced guys like Blake and lost because of errors.
Those are all pretty much better than him; no surprise that when he loses, he loses the same way.

When he's been on his horrible losing streaks like he's been on in these qualifiers and wild cards, he makes these same mistakes. I'm not saying anyone on here is BETTER than Donald Young, because that's a numbnuts idea in itself. I'm just saying that, no matter who he plays, he plays the same way, makes a ton of errors, double faults a ton, and gets into his own head.
So, have you ever seen him win a match easily?

I'm asking a serious question. Because he DOES win matches. You just don't see how he looks when he's playing someone worse than him, because Donald Young is about as bad of a player as you can be while still making it to the big tournaments sometimes (i.e. bottom of the top 100).

Look at his match record on At the challenger level, he's actually a quite consistent player. . He gets a lot of wins in challenger and qualifying tournaments, just not at the ATP level.

Just a few weeks ago, Donald Young beat Greg Jones of Australia 6-1 6-0. Greg Jones is ranked 225 in the world. Are you saying that you can do better against Donald Young than the 225-ranked player in the world?

Now if he curbed the mistakes, every single one of us here would be lucky to get a point. That's just what I'm trying to say. I once got whacked in a tournament 1 and 1 by a guy WAY WAY past my level(I was 18 at the time), and the reason it was 1 and 1 instead of a double bagel because, in those two games he lost combined, he had 4 double faults and four errors.

Donald Young's problem, flat out, is his head more than anything else. He's still an elite player compared to the world, but he makes a LOT of mistakes(and the majority are unforced), and that's my point. What's keeping him from making mistakes against a lesser player?
The fact that against a lesser player, he doesn't need to go for as much to hit winners. His regular rally shot - which is a puffball at the top-100 level - would suddenly be a blistering heavy ball when facing someone ranked a few hundred spots lower.

Against top-100 players, he can't really do anything in a rally - not enough pace consistently. But those same shots that look like neutral or defensive shots against top 100 players are actually aggressive and powerful when facing someone ranked 400.

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