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Originally Posted by jakemcclain32 View Post
That's the only point I'm making. Ok, so our shots wouldn't be as dangerous to him, so those mistakes would be limited. What about his serve? He double faults a ton.
Against someone who he'd never lose a rally to, he could just spin his serve in. No need to go for anything big on it - thus, fewer double faults.

Against people close to his level, he has to go for more on his first ball, thus leading to more errors.

...besides, he doesn't even double fault *that* much, especially not enough to give amateurs any sort of edge. In his first round at Wimbledon which he lost to Bogdanovic, he had 2 double faults per set. (3,2,2,1, specifically). At the Australian open this year, he had 3 double faults in 3 sets. In the Australian Open qualifying matches, he played 3 matches, each of which he won in straight sets and had 3, 1, and 3 doublefaults in those matches, respectively.
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