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Isn't it true that swingwights for extended-length frames can't be compared to their standard length counterparts?

Extending the length of a frame will automatically increase the SW if everything else remains the same, correct? But, that doesn't it mean that it will necessarily be harder to swing. A 330 SW on a 27.5 inch frame will not feel as hard to swing as a 330 SW on a 27 inch frame. These are my observations, not indisputable fact. I recall several extended length frames (like the Dunlop Hotmelt 200) which had seemiingly hefty SWs (high 330s, low 340s), but didn't feel cumbersome at all.

Extended versions almost always have higher swingweight than the comparable standard frame. They are also often more headlight (based on specs), without the feeling of being more headlight.
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