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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
The similarities between DY and Demetrius Walker are scary:
I dont really see any similarities at all. DY's been a fairly successful pro. Yeah he could/should be doing better, but he's had his moments.

Like others have said, he's been fairly successful at the Challenger level, and this yr he's been getting wins at the tour level.

He's come thru qualies in a few tour level events, including a few Slams, and he's been getting wins consistently this year at the tour level.

That guy, whoever he is, hasnt done anything at all in basketball.

To the other guy who thinks he could get 2-3 games off DY, just goes to show you have no clue what you're talking about.

As for the issue of the WC into Aptos, that was just b/c he didn't enter by the deadline. You should have noticed he was the #2 seed on the draw. Also, he won Aptos back in '07, and got to the finals last yr, so it's not like he cant compete. Bad day at the office, for whatever reason.
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