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Thanks guys.

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Is this the one from the uk **** auction, I wad bidding on that one !! Got cold feet at 1k if I'm honest

Well done..... Look forward to the review / specs etc

Yes it is, I got lucky I guess

Originally Posted by anhuynh16 View Post
awesome pics!!!!!!!!! when you have time, could you compare it with a radical.
Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
Great acquisition Fabfed! You are the Man! If
don't mind could you put a Ti.Radical MP, i.Radical MP, or a MG Radical MP next and on top of it and watch and see what happens? Thanks.
Yes, I was going to ask what I should compare it with, thanks for the tip. I only have a retail IG Speed 18x20 at the moment which is rather meaningless as we all know its not the same. I will try and get hold of those racquets you mentioned and do a comparison

Originally Posted by sixone90 View Post
Can we have a photo of the 3 Musketeers? The BLX90, APDGT and IG Speed MP. Congrats and thanks for sharing Fabfed.
Absolutely, give me a little time I will take those pics later.

Originally Posted by tata View Post
how much does it weigh?
Originally Posted by Torres View Post
What are the specs? SW? BP?
I will weigh and balance it in a few days, but maybe a little later for the SW (will also do the SW for the Fed and Rafa sticks then).

Originally Posted by forthegame View Post
Happy you got it.

Are you going to try to verify its authenticity? Would you send it back if it's proven not to be Nole's wimbledon winning racquet?

All in all, congrats Fabfed, I look forward to seeing more beautiful and detailed pics as you usually do!

Not sure if you've got a kitchen scale to weigh the raq, that would be nice.
Nah, if its not the Wimby stick then its just too bad, can't sned it back. But I'm pretty sure it is the real thing.

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Dude what's ur Job? LOL you must be bathing in it to be able to get all this stuff
Nothing terribly interesting really
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