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Originally Posted by AlwaysImproving View Post
About 2.5 weeks out. Recovery is frustratingly slow. Can walk but jogging is out. Took a quick step across an intersection the other night and the calf tightened and locked like the first few days of injury with just walking. Have been doing toe lifts and stretches. Maybe I need to stretch more (have not been doing sets of 10). I had hoped to be running by next week but it could be another 2-3 weeks for that. The bike on low resistance seems plausible (did it for 2 mins last night andf felt no pain). Anyways, bummed.
Reminds me of what I went though. At your stage, I used the stationary bike a lot. I was like you --- I wanted to do as much as I possibly could to speed the recovery process, but my take on this type of injury is it simply takes time for the body to heal. That can't be rushed.

You'll play again and recover --- just not as quickly as you want.

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