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I got this injury twice - last year in the right, this year in the left leg. It takes time - last year about a month (it was grade 2), this year about 3 weeks (grade 1/2 and still recovering and playing very lightly). What helps is RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for the first 48 hours, then stretching, when you feel comfortable without pain, on the wall with injured leg behind the healthy one and pushing the heel to the floor. You need to stop if you feel pain! Do it for 10 sec in series of 5. The other thing which helps me a lot is a cream called "Deep Relief" with ibuprofen in it. I'm not sure that you can buy in States though... I got it from Europe. Good luck with recovery. Unfortunately takes time and the season is so short, especially here in NW.
Thanks for the advice. Probably the only thing that will make it heal faster is not thinking about it.
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