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Originally Posted by Ducker View Post
This is awesome thanks for the hard work.

Can you do me a huge favor and tell me what the rating would come to for a Stock strung Donnay 99 gold would be? Also what would I have to add to the racket to get it to 21.0, id like to test the feel of it.

Id do it myself i see the math is pretty simple i just dont know how to find the balance number in cm....
I got 20.92734649 for the Donnay Gold 99 when I did the math. I used this in Microsoft Excel to get the balance:
=+(((685.58/25.4)/2)- 6*0.125)*2.54

The 685.58 is the length (close enough for government work), 6 is the points head light the balance is.

I basically created a little spreadsheet with some rackets and started plugging in data from Tennis Warehouse.

I found several racquets that came in at roughly 21 bone stock using TW data.
Volkl DNX9 (21.01)
Dunlop Bio 200 Plus (20.99)
Head IG Instinct S (20.97) - This is the odd one of the group, as it is very light
Pacific X Force Pro (20.97)

I'm sure there are others, but also in my list for close are the T-Fight 320, and original T-Fight 315.

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