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Originally Posted by scotus View Post
Have you experienced any downsides to this string setup?

Maybe discomfort from a 10-lb hike, or maybe polys snapping from off-centered shots?

My RDS001MP was set up with the same mass, balance, and SW, and same string hybrid as the O3 Red in my signature. It has about 16g of lead in 3 layers at the 10:30 and 1:30 spots to counter the shock, so it would still feel comfortable even if I strung the full 16x19 bed of Kevlar/Poly at 70 lbs.
BLX Blade 98. 26.75". 13.195 oz., 12.55", 357 SW. 16x20 (outer mains skipped)
Pre-Stretched Ashaway Kevlar 16g/ZX Monogut Natural 16g, 90/40 lbs

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