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Originally Posted by fgs View Post
no, i don't tie off. my experience is that the tension does not really equalize - it did not in the old wooden days, nor does it with the much more slippery plastic grommets today - i used nblades and now mantis sticks.
what makes me so sure that it does not really equalize? when i cut out the strings when the stringjob is broken, they do make different sounds when snipping. i do agree that some portion of the tension differential equalizes, but not all.
i also indicated that i do the upper 6 crosses lower, and the feel is quite similar on a freshly strung (and 24hrs rested!) stick as it is with the one that is about to break.
I have seen similar results when testing string here. I think that the change in tension is more due to the elasticity and resiliency in the specific string. When you begin to play, the string stretches and does not regain it's original shape, begins to stretch out (CoR or resiliency loss). Even this does not happen equally within the string bed. Grommets systems like Babolat Woofer or the Prince Speedports help but it's not uniform.

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