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Originally Posted by ShaKiri View Post
Russian tennis players are divided into groups, predominantly born out of jealousy and fierce rivalry in juniors.

Besides the above mentioned French Open final, I think we all know about the WTA champs semi between Myskina and the Sharapovas(Maria and Yuri).

Sharapova herself is looked upon as an american and only count Kirilenko and Vesnina as friends.

The Fed Cup team has for many years been run by the group of Sveta, Safina, Myskina and Larisa Neiland. But because you have to be availible to your country to get to the Olympics other players have to swallow some camels and sign up for duty.

Unfortunately there is a lot more dirty laundry in a country able to produce one talent after another.
Russian women's tennis is like a soap opera. Many of the current batch have known each other since before they were teenagers. For example, Safina's mom coached Marat, Dinara, Lena D., and Myskina at one point. Safina and Kuznetsova crossed each other's paths since the very beginning of their junior careers. Wasn't Dementieva turned down to play at Spartak, which is now run by Safina's dad? Kuznetsova as a junior saw Marat and said to him "Hi. I know your sister. Can I get your autograph?" And of course in 2004 Dementieva once commented on Sharapova saying she's not Russian. Myskina threatened to not play Fed Cup if Sharapova was going to be on the team. And so on....
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