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Some service stats (these did not involve any guesswork on those 6 points in question).

Borg had no aces but he had 5 unreturned serves. Vilas had 3. Neither man had a service winner in my judgment.

Borg made 35 of 68 first serves (51.5%).
Vilas made 44 of 65 first serves (67.7%).

Borg converted 8 of 10 break points, Vilas 2 of 3.

Borg made his first serve on 2 of 3 break points, Vilas on 4 of 10.

Vilas held in 3 of 11 service games; he did not hold serve until the second set but he did hold in his last two service games of the match.

Borg won 25 of 35 points on first serve (71%), and 21 of 33 on second (64%).

Vilas won 18 of 44 points on first serve (41%), and 9 of 21 on second (43%).

And if you set aside Vilas’ 5 double-faults, he won 9 of 16 points on second serve, or 56%. So really if his serve went in he was quite a bit more likely to win on second serve than on first. In fact his rate on second serve is better than even, and you can’t say that about too many of his stats in this match.

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