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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Haha! I would say Sampras gave Agassi the most problems of any player. But, if Mecir gave Agassi problems, then, IMO, it was not because Mecir was quick although he was very quick. It was because Mecir made his opponents run - more than anyone else I've ever seen - and Agassi didn't hit well on the run.

As for Nastase, he was a bit like Hoad in that respect. He could play at the highest levels when he kept his focus. And, just when it seemed that Connors and Borg had left him behind, he would come up with a devestating win against one of them.
I like your point on Hoad.Very underrated here.I many times thought peak Laver vs peak Hoad would probably be the best match of all time.Devastating tennis, with no shots undoable.Over 10 games, Laver would get the edge but, on a given day, people who followed Hoad closely said he was untouchable...1956 Hoad vs 1967 Laver, that would be close to a heart break
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