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First of all my apologies for reviving this old thread but while browsing through I found it funny how things turned out...

Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
WoW... my thoughts exactly... the RD 70 was a spin and serve demon but the 28 inches didn't click with my one handed backhand... the RD7 is definitely better all-round...
Would you believe that after 2 years I can't find a frame which would fit my game as well as this frame? My 1HBH tuned with this frame and now it's like an extension of my arm.

The sad part is that I can't find anything like this model. Luckily thanks to a friend on this board I managed to buy some spare grommets but I only have 2 of these. One which is fairly new, and one pretty beat up.

In search for a replacement I even bought 2 pro frames (Tecnifibre SMU Vliegen PT-043H-1B PU (18x20)) which are pretty nice (95 square inch headsize and 19mm beam) but it's just not the same. Decided to unload them.

Hopefully I'll find a replacement before they brake.
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