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Default Dunlop 4D200 Tour review

4D200 Tour Review with B5E / WT Pro

Stringing: Done already numerous times, so I won't bother. Only difference here is that there is one less cross to weave compared to my AG100s. Strung at 47/49, no prestretch.

Groundstrokes: As can probably be inferred, this is truly a review of the 4D200 Tour as I use this string setup as my go to. Compared with the AG100, you get outstanding plowthrough, more spin, more control and exceptional comfort. HOWEVER! This frame is like a fair mediator: you are rewarded for your efforts, and punished for your laziness. If you get your preparation down and your footwork hustling, it essentially takes care of exactly what you want to do with the ball. However, if you're a lazy shuffler and don't get your racquet in position properly, you'll feel it. The racquet is too heavy to get away with it unlike with the AG100. To this point, compared to before, my proper shots were far better, but my mediocre shots were in fact worse. It's more comfortable than my AG100, and makes a far better sound (perhaps due to the larger stringbed). I think that like when I bought my HotMelt 200G in 7th grade, it's going to train me to improve my game so I get that excellence every time. When you do get it, it's second to none.
Overall: 9.75/10

Serves: Fantastic, but the above notion still applies. If your timing is off or your toss out of place, the racquet will either will be too early, or drag and be too late. This yields less power and a harsh reminder that you shouldn't have hit that toss. If you do get it right, the stick again takes care of you and does exactly what you envisoned. Again, makes you want to practice so you get that sweet spot every time.
Overall: 9.5/10

Volleys: Strangely, this is where this racquet really showed its brilliance. Since volleys aren't supposed to be swung at, the extra weight really takes care of your volleys for you. Simply begin the volley, and physics takes care of the rest. It feels so incredibly solid and stable compared to the AG100 which felt as though it could be moved around by the opponent's shot. Not so here. As a frequent net player in singles, this is a welcome benefit for my new and improved game.
Overall: 10/10

Durability: Didn't play long enough as I said in the MSV review, but I've reviewed this hybrid to death. I don't expect anything different. The mains are still grid straight and the crosses aren't flailing around. As good as always.
Overall: 9/10

Put simply, this is an astounding frame. I was right, and it fits my game perfectly. It feels like a piece of precision equipment, and plays so solidly. I have played every 200 Dunlop has made since the Muscle Weave. No matter what other frame I switch to, I've found myself over the past decade coming back to the 200 line. This is by far the best of the lot. I will say this: I do not like the 18x20 version of this racquet. It feels as though the string pattern is holding back the frame from doing what it does best: put solid, heavy balls back over the net. With the open string pattern, the extra power removes this hindrance. If you play a true all-court style, give it a demo.

Overall: 10/10

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