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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Vilas played a lot better than the scoreline suggests. Borg was just a little better in everything, though, which is why Vilas' usual strengths became weaknesses.
Right, if you just take a quick look at the stats you'd think that Vilas' BH was his weakness. But Vilas had a fine BH. It's just that this was a match of long rallies, and Vilas was usually the first to cough up the error. And since Borg was playing to Vilas' BH (the stroke that is usually attacked in tennis anyway), that's where the error came from.

That's not to say that Vilas could not have done better. It's not as if all of these errors came after long strenous rallies; many came near the start of rallies and were clearly unforced. But it is to say that you have to look at Vilas' BH errors in the context of how the match was played.
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