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Here are a few stats and observations for some of their other matches -- these were all won by Borg.

1975 French final (6-2, 6-3, 6-4):

Vilas seemed to be missing his first serve often and making unforced errors on his backhand. (Associated Press)
1976 Dallas WCT final (1-6, 6-1, 7-5, 6-1):

Borg won the second set, 6-1, in 20 minutes. The backhand that some observers consider the best in the game failed Vilas, as he made 10 errors on that side, compared to but four for Borg, who put Vilas under pressure by hitting deep to the baseline. (NY Times)
1976 Wimbledon QF (6-3, 6-0, 6-2)

He hit vicious top-spin forehands and subdued his rival with sheer power. Vilas did not help himself by serving 10 double-faults. (St. Petersburg Times)
1980 Pepsi Grand Slam SF (6-2, 6-1):

Borg jerked Vilas around the court with deep, top-spin strokes, setting himself up for unplayable forehand blasts. “I tried to be a little more aggressive than usual, especially when I had a chance to come in on my forehand,” said Borg. Vilas, who had 33 unforced errors, seemed off balance on the slow, green clay, which normally is his favorite surface. He was content to rally defensively from the baseline, waiting for errors that never came. (AP)
The New York Times wrote a bit about their friendship before their '76 final in Dallas:

“When you go on the court,” Borg said today, “you hate everyone. It is the way it has to be.”

“For sure, I hate,” Vilas said. “The friendship will exist after the match. But on the court you must do what you must to beat the man on the other side.”

... They will probably trade topspin ground strokes from the baseline, and the player with the most patience will win....

The difference some tennis followers seem to be speculating is intensity. This is Vilas’s first appearance in the W.C.T. final, while Borg has reached the final in the two years he has played the circuit, losing to Ashe last year and to John Newcombe in 1974.

“I will try so hard to win,” Bork [sic] said, showing a rare public depth of emotion. “I will do everything to win. I have lost here twice, and I want so badly to win. I have not felt like this before, not like this time. I think Guillermo wants badly to win. But I know how badly I want to win.”

They practiced together this afternoon, as they had all week. And they left the court as friends, as they had all week and for the three years they had been practicing together.
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